Belties for Sale

We currently have the following Belties available for purchase:

Cows for Sale

Ledgestone’s Peppermint Patty – DOB 8/9/2012 (PBF Oceola Lil Lyle x Double Creek Cloud) Reg. #35463-B
Excellent mother cow who has produced well conformed calves with excellent belts. Currently in with bull, Stonesthrow Demitri D10 (AI) (ET). She is a very gentle cow and easy to handle.

Ledgestone’s Peppermint Patty

J&N Ranch Chelsea – DOB 6/28/08 (Cardinal Ranch Diablo x Tidwell’s Kelly) Reg. #29404-B
Another great mother cow who is easy to handle & consistently throws well conformed and well marked calves. Currently in with bull, Stonesthrow Demitri D10 (AI) (ET). 

J&N Ranch Chelsea

Double M Zana – DOB 9/30/12 (Mann Farm Double Trouble x May-Ham Windy) Reg. #35580-B
Confirmed bred to Stonesthrow Demitri D10 (AI)(ET) for a late Feb. 2018 calf. She’s a good mother and easy breeder. 

Double M Zana

Steers for Sale

Two feeder steers available. Born February 2016 and currently weighing approximately 500 lbs. each. (left to right)

Black Steer Black Steer

Bull Prospect

Ledgestone’s #17-3 – DOB 2/17/17 (Wayside Valley River Moon x Ledgestone’s Peppermint Patty) Reg. pending
Nice young bull showing signs of making a nice herd bull. Well conformed and well marked.

Peppermint Patty's Bull Calf